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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bread, Zeke and Stacy!

George Town back to Perry Institute and back to Compass Cay

We moved off the dock on Sunday the 20th and went around the corner to Red Shank Anchorage. We had our own beach and were safely tucked away. The winds were predicted to blow for the next few days and we were better off out there than slapping against the dock.
We woke up on Monday morning and Zeke could not put any weight on his left paw. I tell ya this dog is going to be the death of us! We got out the magnify glass and sure enough he had some left over burr pieces stuck in between  his pads.  Poor guy, we did our best to get them out and even asked eagle eye Dan to look at his paw. We bandaged up his paw and  all went to Chat n Chill Monday afternoon. It is a beautiful beach with an outdoor restaurant, volleyball net and picnic tables. The cruisers have events there every day, for example there was a class on basket weaving, they play dominoes and cards. Keeps you from going stir crazy or getting “cabin “ fever I suppose.  We had a tasty burger and just chilled, Garth played a bit of volleyball.

Conch salad anyone?
No Toronto but there is a  .........

 Tuesday, Zeke was still not bearing any weight on his paw.  Garth asked on the radio if there was a vet anywhere close by. Turns out that there is no vet but a woman answered and said she could help. We made arrangements to meet her on Hamburger Beach that afternoon.  We were all thinking that she was perhaps a vet tech but turns out she does distant energy healing. She did a session on Zeke and then suggested he have a foot bath the next day to draw out the toxins and any remaining burr pieces.  Humm........

Seriously ...distance energy healing!!
Tuesday evening Garth made bread – yes, you read it correctly – Garth made bread.  A few weeks back when we were at Farmers Cay we got talking to Andy and Debra from Port Dover. Turns out that Andy makes his own bread and he gave Garth a loaf and the secret recipe. May not sound like a big deal to you but out here bread is sometimes difficult to get.  We managed to get a loaf at Staniel Cay as the supply boat had been there but at Farmers Cay there was no fresh fruit or vegetables and no bread. The local bread , coconut bread, is great for French toast but it is very dense and a little sweet so it does not work for sandwiches.  Anyhow, Garth actually made two loaves and it worked out well. At 10 pm we were taste testing hot bread and butter. It to is very dense but I am beginning to appreciate dense bread!
Happily kneading
Ahh the smell of fresh bread!

On Wednesday morning Dan and Garth took the tender over to get the distance energy healer and the equipment, they came back to Algonquin and Zeke had his foot bath. He just sat there with his paws in a tub and a current going through it. We were also asked to write out the words Love and Gratitude on two small pieces of paper and tape them to the bottom of his food and water dish.  The lady left about noon and at 2 o’clock Zeke was putting weight on his foot.  I wrote the words Love, Gratitude then added Sucker, taped them on the front of his dish and we are now just waiting to see him run in the sand! Will keep you posted.

Thursday we returned to the dock at the Exuma Yacht Club and spent the next two days getting ready for our company.  We did take a break to go back to the Rack n Scrape at the Peace and Plenty. This time we stayed for the music and I have to tell you we were all hurting units the next morning. Not sure if it was the rum punches, the dancing or a combination of the two! 

 Stacy and Steven (Dan & Judys son) were arriving on Sunday and the wind was really picking up. We did not want to get stuck in George Town. We decided to leave Georgetown and go back to the Perry Institute. We would wait there, Stacy and Steven would take a taxi to Barraterre and Dan would take Con there to pick them up. WHEW! the plan worked  Steven and Stacy arrived a little worse for wear and a bit salty but safe!  

We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner aboard Quest then it was early to bed.
First order of business was a trip to the Pink Iguanas for Stacy and Judy being driven in the tender by Steven. It was a little...ok a lot rough out there. Once they saw the Iguanas Steven brought the tender up to the back of Algonquin and Stacy literally jumped aboard! Again, a little worse for wear and a bit salty.

Pink Iguanas
We are presently on the inside and thank goodness cause it was so nasty out in the ocean today, 25 knot winds and 6-8 foot waves.  If we hadn't left on Saturday we would all be sitting at the dock in George Town
After 6 hours we arrived at Compass Cay
It's better in the Bahamas
 From Zeke :  My paw is healing every so slowly, I think I can milk this one for a few more days though as I really like the attention. The burrs here in the Bahamas are nasty. Also, for anyone who has not already heard the news I FINALLY got a zero on my Blastomycosis Antigen Test. This means that there was no fungus detected, if I get another zero on the next test  I can stop the medication!!!  Does that mean I will have to stop the pill pockets?