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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Big Majors, Staniel Cay and Swimming Pigs

Time travelled:  1:20
 Nautical miles:  9.3nm
 Docked at:    on the hook in Majors

On New Years day the people on the boat beside us returned from Nassau. The women looked at my one shoe sitting on the dock and asked where the other one was. I explained that it had fallen in. We checked and it was 13 feet down - too far for us to go. She took it upon herself to find someone to get my shoe. "Testing the Waters", a large fishing yacht had pulled in and a young guy decided to go sperry diving! A bottle of wine later and I have my shoe back!!
Got them back!!

We pulled out of Compass Cay around 10:45 on January 2nd.  It was like rush hour with everyone getting out during slack tide. We did not go very far - only 9.3 nm. Shortly after noon we were dropping the hook in Majors. The ride here was glorious - no wind, no waves and crystal clear water!


Dan jumped in the water with his mask and snorkel to check both anchors. The bottom here is sand and grass so it makes for a good hold. Garth and I donned our snorkel gear and cleaned off the blue lights, then we scrapped a little of the scum off the hull.

Now, the phone situation: we all bought data when we were in Bimini, but it did not work. Staniel Cay is just around the corner so we all hopped in Con and went to "town".  First stop was the swimming pigs. Zekes nose was just a twitching. We will go back without him and see them again. We can actually see them from the boat with our binoculars.

We arrived in Staniel and first stop was the Yacht Club. Had a look see then went to the phone store. It was crowded, as everyone was having the same issue. Dan and Garth stayed there while Judy, Zeke and I went to the grocery store. It was a ways away and we were very disappointed with what they had in stock! Walking back I asked this guy  ( a sail boater) if he had been to the bakery. Yes, he said when I was there they had three loaves of bread left. Well, by the time we arrived - and by bakery it is actually someones kitchen - there was nothing left. We found another grocery store and this one was well stocked. Everything has to come by boat or plane so it is like being back in Northern Alberta with the prices. However, it is a small price to pay for the magnificent scenery and serenity.
On our way back to the Yacht Club we meet Dan and Garth. Dan took our groceries to the boat cooler and we all went to the Yacht Club for a drink.

Where did all the water go!! 

No shirt, no shoes, no problem!

A real life feeding frenzy!! 

By the time we got ready to leave the tide had gone out. Dan kept going out to check, one more beer then the tide should come in!!  We decided to have dinner. At one point the owner of "My Reward" offered us his tender to come back.  Ahh, a few more beers..... it was a good time.  Carl the bartender confirmed the rumor I heard that Micheal Jordan is here - at anchor on a yacht named "Terrible".  Maybe we will dingy over closer today and see what we can see!!

We spent five nights at anchor in Big Majors. It was really nice but a little crowded compared to the other spots we have been in. There were several beaches within range. Pirate Beach has been added to over the years by cruisers who come regularly. They have picnic tables, games, toys, a fire pit, BBQ's and chairs.
Pirate Beach
Dan and Judy came over for dinner one night and we made a significant contribution to sea glass.

At least they did not have far to go!

We arrived at Little Farmers Yacht Club yesterday after a gruelling two + hour run. Just kidding it was a smooth ride over, just had to deal with the wind getting onto the dock. I will post before we leave as they have a great internet connection and our tethering through the phone does not allow for us to do pictures.

It's all good!