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Friday, December 9, 2011

Waiting for the Weather

Time travelled:      9: 30
 Nautical miles:     79
 Docked at:         The Moorings, Carrabelle, Florida

We got up very early and our weather window had pretty much disappeared. We could have made it about three quarters of the way and then approaching Clearwater would have been sorry that we had left.
As we were going through Apalachicola  I got an email for "Grogger" a boat we had met in Chicago and then traveled with along the Illinois for a few days saying "we are eating oysters in a restaurant and I think we just saw you pass under a bridge in Apalachicola"  -small world. They will be here on Monday as will  everyone going across because this location is the place where we sit to wait!

Raking for Oysters along the way

Sometimes you can't tell if a marker is red or green because of the birds

Aren't they magnificent

Do I smell land - back in his favorite spot!

Arrived in Carrabelle about 4, got a pump out, took Zeke for a bit of a walk, grabbed a pizza and slept for twelve hours!!  There was a time change in there somewhere.

The "Crossing" videos have all been stowed away with the "Crossing" munchies and the "Crossing" games. They may come out again on Tuesday,waiting for Mother Nature to cooperate. In the meantime, we will take this time to clean the boat, put up our third US courtesy flag and explore Carrabelle. The flags keep flying away - the last one was swept under a building in Mobile. The Christmas parade on the water is tonight and we have ring side seats, so that is a must.

I tried to capture the dolphins on video but they of course would not cooperate! So, this was my first attempt. I will get better.  I now have much more appreciation for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom !

Just as a aside, we are once again back to "reporting" in our coast wise movement. When I called in from Panama City to say we had arrived he asked the usual questions, where did you come from, who is the master of the ship etc ... yesterday I called in to report that we are in Carrabelle - usual questions - last port - I said Panama City and the guy asked me if I had anything to declare!I repeated that I was in Panama City, Florida and again he asked if I had anything to declare -- I just said no and carried on.  I wish this toad worked on the Queenston/Lewiston bridge connecting NY to Ontario as it would make a lot of people happy.