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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Relaxing in Clearwater & Tarpon Springs

Time travelled:  0
Nautical miles:   0
Docked at:        Clearwater Harbour Marina

High of 77 today, even the low is short sleeves!!

Jerimiah (the boat) left here this morning, they are two days away from home and getting itchy to complete the Loop. Everyone else stayed to relax and explore by land.
And what a nice relaxing day we had.
Stan & Barbara from "Grogger" are docked on this side of the marina and there are four other looper boats just under the bridge. Barbara flew home to Tulsa for the weekend and Stan rented a car so the three of us drove to Tarpon Springs and did what all good tourists do, ate and shopped.
As we were looking for a place to have lunch we spotted Dale & Jim from Sweet Pea out on the patio of Demitris - we tried to join them but the patio had limited space and there was not enough room for three more people. We ate inside and all enjoyed the greek food.  Thank you Stan!

We toured the town and of course bought a sponge and some baklava.

Stan, documenting the Sponge Capital of the World
Check out the big sponge

Sponge boats line the docks downtown Tarpon Springs

Garth & Stan showing off their purchases

Off to Sarasota on the inside tomorrow!! Back to bridges and no wake zones!