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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Time travelled:     5 hours 20 min.
 Nautical miles:    47
 Docked at:         Panama City Marina

Update:  We are headed for Carabelle - weather has once again changed our plans!!

Our escorts were the highlight of our day! Imagine hearing a sumo wrestler do a belly flop off the high board and that is what the SLAP of a dolphin hitting the water beside you sounds like.  They are just so awesome to watch, it is like they are there to entertain us. Some actually did flips as they jumped out of the water showing off their big pink bellies! Lots of dolphin pics today!!!!

Zeke and I took a dock walk this morning checking out all the boats, the best name we saw was a Hatteras fishing boat named  HAT A TAK - there was a 114 foot Hatteras yacht  - Lady Monroe and a huge Cheo Lee named Lady Laura - tonight we are behind a 75 foot Hatteras named Lady Pamela. Why do you never see a Sir Bob or Lord Garth???  Someone once told us to never name a boat after a women because they come and go but you will always have the boat!

We are studying the weather and if it stays at it is we will cross the Gulf tomorrow - leaving here mid morning and arriving into Clearwater Saturday morning. In order to stay awake we got a few movies on board - Mutiny on the Bounty, The Poseidon Adventure and Ship of Fools.  I am leaving The Perfect Storm on the dock. We have stocked up on a few munchies -  Captain Crunch, Chips Ahoy and Lays Wavy Chips. Twenty four hours straight and we need to keep ourselves entertained. and awake.

Obviously no cell service out there but you can always click on "See our Current Location" to determine if we are in the midst of crossing or heading over to Carabelle. to wait for a perfect weather window.

Some friends we saw this afternoon on our walking tour of Panama City!