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Thursday, December 15, 2011


Everyone in Carrabelle is talking about it !
This is supposed to be a MAGICAL NIGHT.  They say that every December when the full moon is just about at its present phase Santa takes a spin around the continent just to get the gears in motion for Christmas Eve. Kind of like a test drive I guess. He glides over the Gulf sometime between midnight and four am.  Is it an old wives-tale or is it true??  I have my night vision goggles all set up at the helm and plan to stay awake so that if he is out there I will see him!! My camera is all ready to go too!!

We enjoyed our time in Carrabelle, it was fun to catch up with other loopers once again.

Some of the boats are decorated for Christmas !

Sunset in Carrabelle

Some boats left here at one this afternoon - we will be the last to leave - at 4 pm.
We are going to cross with Sweet Pea - they will be turning into Tarpon Springs and we will continue down to Clearwater. All in all there will be about fourteen boats out there - two speedsters and the rest of us all taking between 16 -22 hours.

The crossing is still looking smooth!

 Just in case we have a single sideband radio, an Epirb, a hand held GPS tracker and a ten person life raft full of survival gear, so, I think we are prepared for everything!

We will grab a few hours sleep soon as we get into Clearwater and then I will let you know all about "THE CROSSING".