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Monday, December 12, 2011

Patience is a virtue

READY ... SET .......WAIT

Well, we are still waiting!  Not only are the weather gods frowning upon us but the shopping goddess has messed up again. Wasn't it enough that I was stuck in Iuka, Mississippi for Black Friday - here it is just two weeks before Christmas and I am in a town with two hardware stores, one Dollar store, two thrift shops and a pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy today because it was closed all weekend. They had some nice Christmas decorations including some predecorated trees. The one tree that I liked was about 2 feet tall, $19.95 for the tree but by the time you added all the decorations that were on it the price came to $160.00!  That's an 80 dollar a foot Christmas Tree! I told the girl it was more than I wanted to spent and she said she would give me a deal --- 100 dollars ---- OK now it is 50 dollars a foot. Still too much considering that it will not be stored until next year as we have no where to store it. It will be tossed !  You know you have been on a boat too long when everything comes down to a by the foot price!  Oh Well - perhaps we will make Clearwater in time to do some shopping.

We walked over to the other marina again last night and decided to move over there.  We went back this morning to see the docks in daylight and unfortunately they would not work for us, the fingers are too short and narrow to safely get Zeke on and off the boat. We did go back tonight for docktails - it was fun to see some people that we had met way back in Norfolk and not seen since. Sweet Pea, Nauti- Nell and Jeremiah! I think there are about twelve boats here waiting for the weather. It seems like we will have at least one crossing buddy - Sweet Pea - Dale & Jim run about the same speed we do. Everyone will meet and come up with a running plan so that no one is left by themselves. Some will leave earlier and then the fast boats will catch up to them during the night I think???  Most are all headed for the Clearwater Marina.

Anyhow, it is looking like the weather window will be Friday now!! Someone tonight said the best thing to do is sleep with the keys in the ignition and be ready to go at a moments notice. 

Will keep you posted!