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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peoria to the Beardstown Yacht Club - One is the loneliest number

 Time travelled:  7:25
 Nautical miles:   64.8
 Docked at:   Beardstown Yacht Club, Illinois
                    -on a barge for the night at Logsdson Tug Service

Correction from yesterday - it was not an alternator that Garth replaced but a regulator - a regulator requires much more time, skill and luck.
Someone else does not do Oh Dark Thirty well!

For 99 % of the day we were all by ourselves on the river.   I called the one and only lock and he said if you get down here we'll put you through - so off we went - right into the lock and right down all by ourselves.  The last few locks have had lines to grab instead of the floating bollards. Today, the lock-keeper didn't even help you get the lines - no consistency ! Slowly getting back into the groove of being on the water but it is like a steep learning curve every day. Today, I really messed up tying to the barge - no harm done, it is just frustrating. At one point today I mentioned to Garth that the Illinois would be a perfect place to dump a body - he told me I would not be able to dock the boat by myself -- in reality I was thinking the other way around . Him sending me walking the plank - who would know, cause honestly we went for hours today and did not see anyone. Just birds - turkeys, eagles and gulls - even the Canada Geese don't hang out on this section of the river. The Asian carp were non-existent as well.  So, if I do not make it to the next stop please inform the FBI of my whereabouts - the Illinois River between Beardstown Yacht Club aka Logsdon Tug Services and Grafton.

These chunks of cement would keep a body down nes pas? Seriously, why are the buoys on the bank?

We passed two barges today - the Pat Pickett and the Theresa L Wood - why do barges have two names? The exciting event on today's journey was the Buxton 11 dredging Devils Elbow. They must have been thinking they were all alone too because all the people on the dredge waved as we went by.

Moving the silt out of the channel for us.

Just as we were approaching a RR bridge about a half  kilometer from the Beardstown Yacht Club aka Logsdon Tug Barge  I looked behind us and saw Barbara and Stan - we last saw them at a lock on Tuesday morning. We waited together for the lift to go up and then both pulled up to our makeshift marina/yacht club for the night.  The bridge tender would not respond to Garth but when Barbara asked him to lift the bridge he replied to her - humm, as Barbara says reverse discrimination.
Garth and I took Zeke for a walk around town and checked out the dining options. Not much choice - either the Cafe or the Mile 88 Club!  

We came back to the boat and found out that there was a grocery store at the other end of town, so back I went - his majesty has decided that he will no longer eat dog food. Two days ago it was ground beef - yesterday he wouldn't touch the beef and decided that hot dogs and cheese were on the menu. Hot dogs are good cause it is easy to hide pills in a hot dog. Did I mention that he no longer eats "pill pocket" either.  OH BOY! Maybe Zeke will be the first one to walk -be pushed off the plank. Whatever it takes to get him to eat for now but the day is coming where it will be dog food or nothing.

Sunset from the yacht club

Seriously, a life jacket on to get to the bathroom!!
Algonquin at the Beardstown Yacht Club