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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down the Mississippi & Up the Ohio

Time travelled:   9 hours 40 minutes
 Nautical miles:   77 
 Docked at:        Anchored at Cumberland Tow Island

Up and out of our anchorage by 7 am. We met three large barges right off the bat coming around the snake like corners. Garth even called one and commented on how impressed he was with his manoeuvring, these barge captains must have nerves of steel. The bottom of the Upper Mississippi was just as bland as the section we did yesterday. We turned up the Ohio and went by Metropolis - you remember the home of Superman. We did not see him or any facsimiles.  We had two locks today - the first one was a drive through as the water level is high - the second is so old that our big ball fender went right in a hole and I think we may have dented the rub rail - will check that out tomorrow. Arrived in daylight, dropped the anchor and are both exhausted.  There are four of us in this big cove and are expecting a fifth boat - should be here shortly.
New lock under construction

Never thought of having a boat as a lawn ornament! 

A reward after a long day.

Zeke update:

Both the vets are puzzled as to what is going on with him. His breathing is good, all liver and kidney blood work is good but he has a temperature and will not eat. The situation is not good. We will park the boat tomorrow in Kentucky and make arrangements to rent a car and go up to see him.