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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Joliet to Ottawa

 Time travelled: 7.5 hours, 3 locks
 Nautical miles: 39 NM
 Docked at: Heritage Harbor Marina, Ottawa, IL

I had forgotten how dark it is at 6 am , or is it a conscience blocking of something I do not like. Up at six and walking the dog around the park while Garth did the engine checks. I hate early mornings! 
I called the first lock, they are open 24/7, and he said if we could beat the barge down he would lock us through. Garth ran up to tell Barbara and Stan, threw in the lines and off we went.  We made it through in record time and Barbara and Stan sped off as they need to get down to Alton.

Duck blinds lined the shore, this one was right across from a refinery - would hate to be around if a bullet went astray.

                                                   An abandoned blind.
Zeke comes out looking for treats . Great locks - love these floating bollards!

One of two barges we meet today.
We had a beautiful peaceful day on the river.  We only saw two other pleasure boats and two barges all day. It was kind of nice - like having our own private river. The lock keepers were all friendly and helpful. Maybe these guys go to Lock keepers school with the folks from the Trent Severn. 
At our last lock for the day the guide book warns you to make sure you do not mistake the dam for the lock. I read it to Garth as we were approaching and we both looked at all the big warning signs and thought who could think that this was a lock?  Well when we got into the lock we had to wait about ten minutes and the lock keeper showed us a video of two girls going through and over the dam last Saturday.....they are both OK but the driver  has been charged with a DUI. CRRAAAZY!

We are  fixing the time on the "click here for our current location" - it is neat to look at and you can tell where we stopped to wait for a barge and a lock. OK maybe only neat if you are on a boat.

Off to Peoria at OH DARK THIRTY tomorrow!