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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deep Sea Fishing Rules and Rum Flows

Time travelled:  11 hours
 Nautical miles:  79.6 NM
 Docked:          Bimini Blue Water Resort
Manatee Pocket  fuel stop. 

Lake Worth Anchorage - nice spot

We left lake Worth at O dark thirty. Our anchor set into some really sticky mud and was so well set that it took us (Garth) over a half hour to set it free. Dan on the other hand woke up and found Quest sitting in four and a half feet of water after turning through the night, so they did the hurry up and got out of there fast. Finally were all on our way through the Lake Worth inlet and out onto the deep blue ocean about 5:30. The beautiful sunrise we sailed into left us feeling that all was right in the world, and we are very fortunate to be having this wonderful experience.

The seas were relatively calm until we hit the western wall of the Gulf stream about 8nm out. For about an hour we got tossed around pretty good. While it wasn't all that bad for us poor Zeke was a little panicked. The last time we had seen him so disconcerted was while crossing Lake Ontario, poor guy. He jumped on the couch, drooled, and there was no calming him. Considering his heritage goes back to a working breed dog on the Portuguese fishing boats we now think that he should thank his lucky stars he wasn't born during those days or....... Anyway, once we were fully into the stream all was well and things calmed down again so  Zeke and I sat out on the bow for awhile. Then at around one o'clock we hit the eastern wall of the Gulf Stream and, like the western wall, things again got bumpy. The water never really did settle again until we arrived in Bimini. Dan and Judy aren't stabilized and didn't want to change their tack into the wave trains we were heading straight into but Garth decided to change it up quartered the waves so it was not so bad for Zeke which made a little difference albeit for a short while.
Following Quest into Bimini

Algonquin and Quest at Bimini Blue Water Resort

 We arrived into the Bimini channel about 4 pm.  Dan and Judy have been here three times before so for Dan it was old hat.  We passed Browns Marina and then saw Bimini Blue Water Resort, Home of the Hemingway Tournament. Well we really did not see it but we did see the man on the dock waving madly at us. I am not sure if they do not have radios or if they lost them but I do believe this is the first place we have ever arrived where the dock hands did not have radio communication with us. Dan got on the radio and told Garth just to pull in beside him. So, it is my job to put out the lines and have the fenders ready. Garth wasn't sure if he was going to bow in or stern in until he could get a feel for the the water. Our arrival time meant the current was ripping pretty good and the tight quarters made him decide to stern in. It was not the prettiest job of docking he has ever done but we got in. The tender did gently kiss the dock a couple of times but with no harm done.

After all the entry paper work was filled out Dan and Garth got changed into their Sunday best and headed over to the customs office. Customs was open and the boat is now allowed to stay in the Bahamas until June. Immigration on the other hand had already closed for the evening.  Zeke was very happy to get off the boat and Judy and I walked him around a bit.  After a much needed shower we all headed off to the Bimini Big Game Club for dinner. Conch, conch and more conch...burgers tacos and salad !! It was a long long day. Once back at the boat we literally brushed our teeth and crashed.

December 18th
How do you say, HAPPY DOG!

What can you say!


Did someone say bakery? As we were all having our morning coffee on the dock a man mentioned he had been to the bakery and ordered coconut bread . Sounds like a plan! While Garth and Dan started washing their respective boats Judy and I walked to the bakery, ordered bread, and then proceeded to walk Zeke along the beach. Talk about a dog in heaven.  Zeke had a blast! There were conch shells everywhere and even a shipwreck. While the boys were washing the boats Carson, who works here, came by to see if they wanted to buy lobster and so we had a dozen tails waiting in the fridge on our arrival back at the boat.

The one thing you notice right away about Bimini is just how friendly the people are. Everyone is obliging and happy.  I tried out the marina showers, at 60 cents a gallon for water we are into conservation.

The four of us rented a golf cart and our first stop was the Famous Stuart Conch Shack where we had lobster salad, conch salad, a few ice cold beers along with a few rum punches. Life is good and boating is fun! (wish you were here Frank!) The last time Dan and Judy were at Stuarts they were filming the series Hook, Line, and Dinner there so if you ever see the show look for Dan and Judy's tender to Quest in the background. Last week they filmed The Housewives of Miami there, humm. We all left full and happy.
Never seen Garth down a beer so quickly, check out the difference!

Fabreeze aka The Boss Lady is bringing the rum punch! Yumm

Conch Hill

 Moving on to Bimini Bay Resort we toured the facility and even stopped at the sales center. A cool million buys you an ocean front property and then you build the house. HOA fees run around about a thousand a month. After getting a bit of a laugh about that we tootled along to the drugstore and then over to Bahama tel office. Bahamian phones and internet are in the works and we were told to come back tomorrow as a new bunch of phones might be on the plane. We hope it isn't like last year experience where we ended up having to wait a week or so for the deed to get done. The women said, "they forget about us out here on the little islands". They being the people from Nassau she means.  On the way back through town we stopped to get Zeke who had been left on the boat and headed up to the end of the island to catch the sunset. We were merrily walking the beach when the golf cart nazi came looking for us. Apparently we had gone over our time so we all jumped back in and returned the cart.
Dan, 4x4 ing on the beach!


Not to be dismayed we walked up the hill for sunset. We were accosted by screams of "come here for the view", "the drinks are great"... so twist our arms and off we went to Sherri's Beach Bar. She made a pretty good rum punch. So good in fact we are going back for fried chicken and punch at sunset tomorrow!!

When we got back to the boat Dan BBQ' ed the lobster tails and they were amazing!!! As he was bbq-ing Carson came over and asked Dan to BBQ his dinner for him, a piece of fish. He also made sure to ask Dan to season it well for him before he cooked it, and then asked if he had anything cold to drink. So, Dan bbq-ed his dinner, added salad. rice and peas and then threw in a cold beer!  It's Bimini!! Isn't it wonderful?

December 19th

Does it get any better? This morning we woke up to fresh hot cinnamon buns, and coconut bread. Unfortunately the baker did not come in yesterday to make the bread we had ordered but he must have shown up pretty darn early today! Dan and Garth took off fishing, Judy cleaned and blogged, and Zeke and I cleaned, blogged, and went for a beach walk. Yesterday when we were walking on the beach I lost a ten dollar bill. Now this is a large beach where it was lost so I just chalked it up to gone and hoped that someone deserving sole would find it. This morning when Zeke and I were walking I found a ten dollar bill!!! Is there a casino in the hood!!! My luck may not last!
 Brumer this ones for you!


Off to get the big one!

Life is good and Boating is FUN!!!
From the Waterway guide book - The pictures of Hemingway and earlier times tell it all ...."This is a special place where the only laws were "anything goes. deep sea fishing rules and rum flows". Today it is tamed and much more family orientated. but the ghosts of that enchanted era still roam the narrow streets of this historic settlement"

We are heading out for bluer water, like greener pasture, tomorrow. Luckily we were able to catch a signal here but who knows when it will happen again. So I am just going to post some random pics below!

Fresh conch!

Ice Cream truck! Same music as the trucks in Toronto!

Sand from the entrance channel.
Closed up tight.

The original lunch truck

Sherris - dinner tonight!

The Grizwalds of Bimini!