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Saturday, December 15, 2012

An update from Zeke!


Grrrr, this is Zeke! Kathy and Garth are busy so I thought I would take a shot at this. First off, I am kind of sad to leave Stuart because it's a very dog friendly town. You can tell by the number of water bowls left out on the street for me. I just wish the people who leave them would clean them out once in a while. I really like the man at the hot dog stand downtown because he gives me fresh cold water! I made the mistake of jumping in the water the first time Garth took me downtown so now they put me on the leash to walk past that area. I didn't know the water was polluted!!  

I sure will miss my friends on B dock. Lily is a chocolate lab who lives on a Cat. I just don’t get that! Anyhow, Lily is so sweet. She told me that she is coming to the Exumas in January so perhaps we will get together once again. Salty Dawg has already left and gone up north for Christmas. I wish Kathy had taken a picture of Salty cause he is the spitting image of me only he’s a something poo and very small.  I will not miss Fuzzy the Golden from A dock.  I just hate Fuzzy!! He is tall, handsome, and unneutered!!!!! I have a friend on C dock named Winston and he is also coming to the Exumas in the new year  - WOW, I hope Lily , Winston and I can get together on the beach, swim have dogtails and chill!  I will also miss that bone shaped swimming pool at Fur Seasons. How cool is that! The good news is that we are coming back here in the spring and I am sure they will take me back to the pool! I will miss the cookies at the marina office. They have this big jar of cookies just sitting there and I pretty much get one or two everyday, yeah. Last week my friend Daisy from A dock jumped off her boat and went to the office by herself to get a cookie. They are still talking about it around here, it was quite a hike!

So, my peeps have been out almost every day. You should see the amount of dog food they have for me...... 120 pounds! I did not see any treats or greenies come aboard but I am pretty sure they would not have forgotten those.  The cupboards are full, the dishwasher is now being used for storage. Hey, maybe my cookies are in there! There are so many cubby holes and hiding spots on this boat you could hide a small army of cats. Besides Fuzzy, I also hate cats! Most cats anyway but not all cats I suppose. Why do they say that Lily lives on a Cat? The crew shower is full of water and toilet paper and I also saw some new dog toys in a drawer in there the other day.  Yes, Santa I have been good!! Ok, except when I see Fuzzy on the dock. But Santa you understand, don’t you?

Garth and Kathy drove to Miami on Tuesday as Garth had to get a new passport. Would have been simple to get one in Toronto when he was there a few weeks ago but he did not realize that it was due to expire until last Wednesday. They are still talking about how fast they got it - delivered to Miami on a Thursday and picked up the next Tuesday. Date and place of issue reads Miami on Thursday Dec 6th. Wow, in reality it was same day service! Anyhow, I got to spend the day with Judy aboard Quest. We went for a few walks and she even took me out for a drive! I tell you I was exhausted at the end of the day. Judy just moves a mile a minute and of course I had to follow her all over her boat, up and down all day long! Thanks Judy for taking care of me, it sure beat sitting in the car zooming down I-95.

Oh No, Garth just said he has to go out and find a spear. A spear?? Oh, it is for lobster fishing. I tell you this fishing business is pretty serious stuff. Garth went to a special fishing store with Dan a few weeks ago and he is always saying I need 30 SPF for fishing, I need a small cooler for fishing, I need a .....for fishing!!! I think our time in the Bahamas will revolve around fishing....... instead of me.
I think we are ready for Christmas. Kathy has been shopping for weeks and Garth and I walked downtown yesterday and finished our shopping in an hour. I don’t get that myself but I guess Garth must be a much better shopper is all I can figure. 

They left me alone today on the boat when they went for  dock tails. I could see them from our boat so finally they came to get me so I could talk to Lily. You know, Lily who lives on a Cat? Now, they are talking about organizing tomorrow, the last day with a car. Garth has to go get his spear, Kathy wants paper towels, and hey let’s make a stop at Petsmart just to see what’s new!!

Well, I will share the plan with you as far as I know it. We leave here Sunday and make our way down to Lake Worth to anchor out for the night. I really do not like to anchor out cause there is nothing for me to do and they encourage me to do my business on that fake grass stuff they bought. Maybe Garth will dingy me to shore and I can run around a bit....time will tell.  Monday morning we will leave Lake Worth and go across to Freeport. Things seem to be changing a bit and we could be heading farther south and heading over to Bimini. They don't tell me much about that stuff. What I heard was that if we go to Freeport and the weather gets bad then we may have to sit for a few days before making a run to Chubb Cay or beyond to Nassau.  It all depends on the weather!!!! I think that's why Garth is thinking about going further south before going over. The weather might be a little bit more dependable is what he's thinking. He and Dan will come up with a good plan I'm sure.  Remember you can always see exactly where we by clicking on the "CLICK HERE FOR OUR CURRENT LOCATION"

This is Zeke signing off and wishing you ....

A Merry Christmas