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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Counting the days!

 We are not counting the days until Christmas but counting the days until we move.
 We really quite like Stuart but we have been here long enough. The town itself is very quaint with deco style buildings, boutique like stores and a variety of restaurants. It has a market every Sunday and there is always something going on. We are less than a ten minute walk along the river to the heart of all the action.

Sailfish Capital of the World

Our first delay was unavoidable, but thanks to modern medicine all is well and Garth has a clean bill of health! Our second delay, Garth had to make a quick trip home, now that we have our own pied -a -terre there are no worries and we can rest assured that our belongs are safe. Our third and hopefully final delay is work related. Dan and Judy - aka Quest have waited patiently for us and now Judy, Garth and I will wait while Dan is up north working. We would all like to have gone with him and helped out  but someone has to stay here, watch the boats and make sure the air conditioning stays on. Dan hopes to be back this weekend and then we are outta here!
We have been keeping ourselves entertained and busy.
The four of us went down to Miami for a day, visited Vizcaya, a mansion built in 1916 by a wealthy industrialist.  Then we stopped by to see Peggy and Steve in Key Biscayne before descending on South Beach for the evening.
The channel entrance to Vizcaya

The back gardens of Vizcaya
I wish I had had the presence of mind to have taken a picture of the drinks we had in South Beach, speaking for myself, we ordered mojitos and I expected a normal size drink but out came these fish bowl size glasses full of mojito!!!! We suffered through them!

We have been making lists of things we absolutely must have in the Bahamas, like twenty packages of Starbucks coffee, 120 pounds of dog food, pill pockets, renewing our insurance, renewing our Spot so that you can see exactly where we are and stocking up on rum and wine...  etc etc....last stop will be for fresh fruit and veggies!
The Fur Season Pet Resort Stretch Limo
While doing some running around we dropped Zeke off at the Fur Seasons. It is illegal to leave a dog in a car in the state of Florida. So, here he can swim in a bone shaped pool and have some dog time. We draw the line at having a limo pick him up!
Once we leave here we have  no real plans other than to spent a few months bumping around the Exumas and relaxing. Garth is planning on getting in some serious fishing! I am planning on getting in some serious reading and beach walking. We want to be in Farmers Key for the First Friday in February Party!  We are hoping to have some company - flights go from Toronto to Georgetown every week!!
So, while we wait patiently for Dan we continue to scour every store in Stuart and Jensen Beach checking out what they have and could we possibly need it. We even went to the flea market - Garth got a fishing tackle box and I bought a "as seen on TV" screen - I don't have great hopes for it working but something may prove to be better than nothing.

Some interesting and amusing boat names:

Yacht To Trot

Broke & Drunk

His and Hers

Follow Me

Algonquin and  Quest
 Even Zeke is anxious to get moving, he loves travelling by boat and kissed his airline cage goodbye this summer!!
Ah, the days of air travel!!

Ontario Beach time!
Long Point, Lake Erie - next beach will be in the Exumas!!