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Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting for Weather

 Docked at: Las Olas Marina

Well, we finally stopped celebrating! Just kidding.

 On Sunday we cleaned the boat and did laundry. Bud, the best carpet guy in South Florida came by to template the bathrooms and he is going to try and have them ready before we leave. We walked Zeke down on the strip and took in all the sites.  Had docktails at five, one boater had just returned from the Bahamas so we were all ears. About 8 we got a knock on the hull and it was Sid -  does anyone want to play euchre "YEP" - we grabbed a sandwich, opened up the table, got the cards ready and started playing. Evelyn and I cleaned their clocks!
Today, Dave came by to assess the fender holders, he will return them tomorrow with new name plates, the man came to fix the blind , Garth got the generator going, turns out there was another fuse up on the top that he did not know about. Bud called, the carpet was ready - he came by, installed them and they look great! We had another 5 pm docktail meeting and another boat came in today - so there will now be five boats going across. Probably will not all be together because we all run at different speeds but at least we will know that someone else is close by.

The weather has changed again , looks like we may be able to leave on Thursday -which means we have to get Zeke clipped, a vet check, do some grocery shopping, get cash, go to immigration and check out plus buy yet another US courtesy flag - this is number 4!! They keep blowing away!

Stay tuned - the weather may change again and we could still be sitting here this time next week.