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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Algonquin 2- Water Snakes 0 - Casey to the rescue!

 Docked at:  Galleon Marina Slip 77

We have had a busy week with visitors!

Craig & Ginny from Brown Eyed Girl along with Sid & Evelyn from Something Special drove to Key West last Wednesday, we all had lunch up at the Tiki Hut and discussed plans.  We have arranged to meet in Fort Dollardale aka Lauderdale on Sunday Feb 26th and cross over to the Bahamas together at the first weather window.
 Frank and Joie arrived that afternoon. They brought their bikes and covered a lot of territory with them.  Even though it was very hot and humid they managed to hit all the highlights of Key West. They saw first hand just how much attention Zeke gets on the street and by the end of their stay Frank was asking people for money to take a picture of him! Frank took us out to the grocery store and we stocked up on groceries .

The Golds, on the observation deck waiting for the sunset.
... Peggy and Steve arrived about five hours after the Golds left - just enough time to change the sheets and get dinner ready. We have been playing cards and walking around town for the past four days. We managed to make it back to Blue Heaven! Fabulous food and typical old time Key West atmosphere . We attended Pepes for the four o'clock Oyster Races - pot was $375.00 - no one won that day. Peggy and Steve ventured out in their kayak one morning.

Peggy and Steve going out with the big boys in Key West harbor!

 We keep trying to go to  karoke at the bar just up the street but honestly the participants are soooo bad it is hard to walk through the door. Perhaps tonight we will ply ourselves with rum and try again!

Algonquin 2 - Water snakes 0 - actually to be determined!

We have dropped two very expensive things into the water - first time was in Georgian Bay and we (Garth) dropped the handle from the contraption that raises and lowers the dingy - it was made in England and we were thinking of not only how expensive it would be to replace but also of how long it would take to get to us. Luckily, fellow boaters came to the rescue, Sharon on the boat across the dock requested a diver on her Facebook page - within a few hours we had our man -  Tom had to get air from the local Fire Department and he came by after work with his wife and twin boys. He found the handle on his second attempt!! YEAH TOM!! Yesterday as I was descending the stairs we (Kathy) dropped the camera into the water. It actually fell out of my pocket. It is hard to watch something just float down out of sight. Steve tried to hook it with his fishing rod but ended up loosing his hooks.  He asked Casey on the boat next to us how deep it was here and then explained why he wanted to know. Casey said that he was going to clean the bottom of his boat and that he would have a look for it. So yesterday Casey donned his wet suit and tanks - he cleaned the starboard side of his boat then came over to Algonquin. Within seconds he had my camera and a piece of tarp that was on the shaft!! YEAH and a big thanks to Casey aboard Serendipity II!!  I was able to get the pictures off the card and the camera is drying out. Although it is a waterproof camera the instructions clearly say that it is only waterproof for an hour - well, time will tell if 23 more hours make a difference.
Casey saves my camera!!
Today we are going to make it back over to Mallory Square for one last sunset. We will leave here Friday and head back to Marathon, spend one night there then head north to Key Biscayne and if we can't get a slip we will anchor out. The next day -Sunday- we will have a short run up to Dollardale.
That's all for now - off to soak up the sun and do a little last minute shopping! Some random pics from Key West!

Another beautiful sunset

Our favorite pirate - Captain Jack Sparrow on his way to work.

Our next boat -not!!

Oyster races at Pepe's

Roosters are everywhere.

The signs says it all.