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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Key West Weekend

 Docked at: Galleon Marina, Key West

Terri and George arrived Friday. We strolled Duval Street in the afternoon, had dinner aboard Algonquin and then back to Duval Street to people watch at night. Even though it was only 8:30 a lot of people were in prime form! No, not us!!  Saturday, George drove us to the vet so that Zeke could get some updated blood work - looks good, we have sent it to Dr. Lerer and will hopefully hear from him this week. We came back collected Terri and the four of us went on the Conch Train Tour.  Even though Key West is only four miles long and one and a half miles wide they manage to wind through the streets for two hours. We indulged in chocolate covered Key Lime Pie on a stick during the ten minute stand & stretch, it was decadent.  We went over to Once Around for cocktails and met their friend Rob from California, had dinner on board and turned in early.
We woke up this morning to rain and it has not stopped all day!!  It let up once for about 20 minutes but it has been coming down pretty hard all day. We sloshed our way over to the A&B Oyster House for dinner then sloshed our way back to watch the Super Bowl! Check out the pic of the street at the bottom of the blog!  Stop laughing - at least we do not have to shovel it!!

A few pics from the last few days:

Do you remember last week when the boat hit the rocks - well here it is again, this time he was dead in the water.

A close up of the front of his boat - I do believe he has hit rocks before!

I hope no big waves hit him on the beam - perhaps a rock jumped in his way too!
How to get a free pump out, when the pump out boat goes over a line and yells for help you run out grab his line, tie him up and then provide the knife for him to cut the line away from his prop!!
Yes, it is a pirate, rowing into the dingy dock!
The Riff Raff that moved in today!  Black Gold - we are thinking oil!
Hanging out for supper.

And here is where the supper is coming from.
A view of Front Street tonight - get out the rubber boats & start lining up the animals!!