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Friday, February 3, 2012

Chic Magnet, Conversation Starter and Life in Key West West

Docked at: Galleon Marina, Key West until Feb 26th

Key West Life

Dog act in Mallory Square

Did someone say EXORCIST!!

A mini sub?

Doesn't she look enthralled!

A day in our life here:
"Is that a labadoodle?", "What kind of mix is that?", "Isn't he handsome" - I have to tell you - if there are any single people out there looking for companionship - get a Portie. We can't even get off the dock without Zeke getting some kind of comment or attention. There is a cat that sleeps just up the ramp where we exit the marina and every day people at the bar comment "Oh, here comes a dog" "Let's watch this" and Zeke calmly walks by ignoring the cat. (Little do they know that if the cat ran it would be an all out chase) Last night we took him for a walk, our first stop was half price appetizers and drinks on the boardwalk - due to my Scottish heritage we just had to try them - two hours later we left, full of coconut shrimp, calamari, bread, mojitos, margaritas and did I mention the chocolate thunder cake!  Carol and Rich from Salt-n-Sand wandered by and stopped for a drink and appetizers. They are the harbor hosts in Cape May, New Jersey and we have not seen them since last May. It is interesting and fun running into people we met along the way. We decided to go and see if Frank and Carrie wanted to go for a walk with us. We sauntered over to Conch Harbor and found them relaxing, waiting for dinner to be delivered. They had worked hard all day preparing for their company. So, off we went to Duval Street in search of blister bandages for moi! Even though we have walked the Duval beat many times we still see new things and of course new sites of the two legged variety. It is great people watching ! I did find my blister bandages at Walgreens but enroute I had to wander into other stores and every time I would come out Garth would be engaged in conversation with some female about Zeke. A car load of 20 year olds came by rolled down their window and yelled from across the street- "What kind of dog is that"? After the usual banter they said "We saw him twice and just had to circle the block and come back to find out" I am thinking there will be a few Portie puppies going their way one day!  I am going to get a sign or a t-shirt printed for Zeke that says...." My name is Zeke, I am NOT a labadoodle, I am a Portuguese Water Dog. Yes, I know I am handsome" ....However, with our luck someone would think we were panhandling, throw money and we would be arrested!
On a more serious note our days are pretty busy here. We have a fabulous view of the harbor and see all kinds of action all day, we walk Zeke early morning - 9 ish - have our coffee and breakfast on the back deck, check the internet to see what day it is, do a few boat chores, walk Zeke, decide what's for dinner, walk Zeke, find a bar/restaurant and people watch! It is tough deciding because there is a lot of choice here.
Not very many places are pet friendly so that limits us a bit, but we did find marrow bones at the Winn Dixie so he is a happy camper having that on the boat by himself when we want to go out alone or to a dog unfriendly restaurant. Don't meet any new people, but that's OK.

Terri & George arrive today, we have been requested to find a bar for Superbowl, could be a challenge here in Key West!  We will do our best!

The hat is helping keeping those harmful UV rays off her head!

The dog was moving from one wake board to the next! He does have a life vest on.

Roosters are everywhere, except on the menu!
There you have it Milly .....I told you not much is happening here!!