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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bahamas Bound

 Docked at: Las Olas Marina,  Fort Dollardale

Another day of getting ready!

Garth hooked up more anchor chain, cleaned the bilges, pumped out the holding tanks, filled the water tank got the rental car and went to Boat Owners Warehouse. He bought yet another courtesy flag and a new bell! Seems silly to have a bell on a boat but it is a safety requirement and our clanger fell off the other day. I washed the deck and went grocery shopping . Tomorrow is Zekes day - vet check and a grooming appointment. While he is getting clipped we will go to immigration and check out of the USA.  Busy couple of days - all of the "fixing" we needed to get down has been completed - amazing.

Our first order of business tomorrow is to drive the boat under the Las Olas bridge to get diesel and our last order of business is a Bahamas Bound Boaters meeting at 5ish.  I think we will be leaving first thing Thursday morning. Our destination: West End, Grand Bahamas.

I received this picture today from my brother, he and his family are skiing in Quebec and came across a run named --- ALGONQUIN or en francais - L'ALGONQUIN !!  Helps reinforce that we made the right decision to run away from winter when you see them all bundled up.

I'm guessing it is Jane, Michie and Meg - I hope you guys did the double black and not the green!!

Once we are in the Bahamas our cell  phones will be turned off so we do not incur roaming charges. We will have internet when at a marina so will post as often as possible.