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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Waiting for the winds to subside!

Docked at: Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Talk about an ocean view!

We arrived here Saturday and the winds have picked up, laid down and picked up since then, Sunday we had 50 mph winds and the power was out most of the afternoon. Garth retied the boat and added lines everywhere. The sailboats that were anchored in the harbor all moved in. It certainly beats waiting out the weather in Little Current or Carrabelle.
The internet is sketchy, our phones were put on suspension as soon as we left the States and we are feeling a little isolated. We rented a golf cart to get to town and to explore the island. Our first order of business yesterday morning was to get a phone. We drove to the telecom office and the lady informed us that the SIM cards she received last week were defective so she returned them to Nassau. They are still not back. We gave her our email address and asked her to call the marina when they come in. We are in the Bahamas, things move a little bit slower, life is more relaxed and it is beautiful.
We will go back to town today and see if the Sim cards have arrived.
Our excitement about being in the Bahamas has been dampened by the fact that my Dad is in the hospital. Getting an email to call home ASAP and not being able to call is the reality of being on a remote island. In this day and age one would think that we are all constantly connected but it is not true.  Green Turtle Cay is in the Outer Bahamas, there are five hundred people living here and the only way in and out is by boat. If the winds are too high like they have been since we got here then our only option is to wait. So, we are trying to make the best of  the situation but it is difficult. Being here, but wanting to be at home.
Some pics of our time here so far.

Zeke, the golf cart guard dog.

 Zeke minded the golf cart while we went to McIntosh's Bakery for lunch.

Yeah, another hour another beach!!

We drove by all these shells on the picnic table Sunday and spoke to Robertha about them, she had them all turned down because Sunday is the day of rest and she really did not want to sell any of them until Monday. So, we went back yesterday and they were turned up and she was eager to sell them. Reminds me of the Outer Hebrides where my Mom is from, on the Isle of Lewis to this day Sundays are the day of rest and you don't dare work , hanging out your laundry on a Sunday is a cardinal sin!

The old jail.

The streets are just wide enough for a golf cart or small car.

Bright colors and for the most part very neat and clean.
The main street of New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay

Another shot of the main street.