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Sunday, March 4, 2012

West End to Great Sale Anchorage

 Friday March 2nd

Time travelled:     5.5 hrs
 Nautical miles:    48.5 nm
 Docked at:         Great Sale Anchorage

Algonquin in the Bahamas
We left West End on Friday  following all the sail boats - sail boats have a larger draft than power boats so if they make it through the skinny water then we can make it through too.  Jim from Sweat Pea went over and talked to them earlier so we knew they were pulling out around 9 am. We all hauled in our power and water so we were ready to go.

Following the sailboats -  with Passport on your far left
Bye Bye -thanks for your help!

We had a lovely run and arrived at our anchorage about 2 o'clock . It was simply beautiful, everyone got in their dingies and we had cocktails on the beach. In Marathon they call it dinking and drinking! By the time we made it back to our boat there were 15 boats all anchored.  Sid and Evelyn dinged over for a game of euchre. Sid was looking for revenge but it wasn't meant to be. Evelyn and I beat them 4/5 games!

Captains meeting?

Craig testing the waters or maybe the beer just tastes better when you are standing in the ocean!
We even had cheese and crackers thanks to Dale!

Sweat Pea & Passport at sunset.