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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Great Sale Cay to Green Turtle Cay

OH DARK THIRTY at Great Sale Cay

Saturday March 3rd
Time travelled:      6.05 hrs.
Nautical miles       54.7 nm
Docked at:           Green Turtle Club Resort and Marina

We were up at OH DARK THIRTY, we didn't sleep very well because the flags were snapping and it was really hot. The wind had picked up significantly during the night.  Garth pulled up the anchor and it was surrounded by a huge amount of clay and weeds, while he took a break I got the boat hook and successfully knocked off the majority of the clay. We were outta there. The ride was a lot smoother than we had anticipated.  However, at one point Jim from Sweet Pea radioed to the rest of us that he was having power issues and was running his generator in order to keep his GPS going. Garth immediately checked the GPS for the closest marina and kept it in the back of his mind, John offered a few suggestions to what he thought it may be.  We plowed on through. Then - here we are in this huge ocean and what do we see but a fishing boat heading right for us - Garth got on the radio and said "there is a lot of room out here" he kept his course and we had to throttle back, he zoomed on right across our bow......some people!! The name of the boat is Free Willy and the captain has blue eyes and takes milk in his coffee - that's how close we were!!  Just kidding, but it was too close for my comfort level!


We arrived into Green Turtle Cay just after noon and the wind was really blowing. Once secured to the dock Garth rinsed all the salt off the boat and we took Zeke to the beach.
The have a special here that you pay for your dockage and the food you charge to your boat is then deducted from the dockage at the end of your stay. So at roughly 2 dollars a foot we have $106.00 to spend at the restaurant and bar- not a lot when a Caesar salad is $14.00, cracked conch dinner (a local specialty) is $18.95 - Garth has been enjoying Lobster & Crab omelets and Eggs Benedict - the wind needs to die down so we can move on otherwise they will have to roll us out of here.

Jim figured out his power issue and all is well.