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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Auntie Em Auntie Em

Docked at:  Green Turtle Bay, Bahamas

Wind wind go away come again another day  -- the boat is rocking and the canvas on the fly bridge is flapping non-stop. We are in the Bahamas,wearing long sleeves and sweaters.  I am not complaining just stating the facts. it is actually a very warm wind.

First thing this morning we drove back to the BTC office to see if the SIM cards were in - no such luck. We are of course on Island time.
Zeke the amazing cart guard dog!

Leaving the phone store empty handed we went down the hill into New Plymouth - about half way down this little hill our senses were assaulted with the smell of home made bread and cinnamon.

The sign says it all McIntosh bakery!!
Lets see you can not get a cinnamon bun in Tuscon, Arizona but you can on Green Turtle Cay in the Outer Bahamas!! Eat your heart out Brummer! We thought of you the whole time we indulged!

 After having that delicious cinnamon bun what better to wash it down with than World Famous Goombay Smash - the longer it sits the better it gets! This was pretty good, several different rums all mixed together with pineapple juice ......breakfast of champions .....cinnamon buns and rum!

The Atlantic today - looks down right mean and nasty.
So, here we sit. The weather is constantly changing and everyone in this marina is checking and comparing notes on the wind. It is what it is - we can't change it and will sit it out here in GTC. As I said before it is not like we are in Little Current or Carrabelle. The people are great , the scenery is beautiful and the food pretty darn good.  Going to try and get a euchre tournament going tomorrow afternoon. Would probably be better served walking into town but then we would have to try the bakery and smash again.