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Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Docked at:  Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda

For those of you who have been following the Adventures of Algonquin you will recognize this little piece of plastic. The can started it's adventure in Norfolk, Virginia around mid-May 2011. It had been abandoned on the dock and a good samaritan picked it up and placed it on our boat. When we left Norfolk we placed it back on the dock....thinking that this would be the last we saw the little watering can!

The watering can appeared back on our boat while in Oxford, Maryland. The shovels were added at this stop and we then transported it on to Baltimore. Knowing that "Once Around" was coming into that marina within a few days we left it behind. We did not see the little can again until Sid & Evelyn quietly placed it on our boat in Atlantic City. From then we had it all the way to Penatanguishine.  Our surrogates, Pam & Billy from Godspeed helped deliver the Little Can back to Once Around in Killbear, Ontario last July. So, it has been over six months since we have seen the Little Can that could.

We arrived back from our wonderful New Years celebration around two this afternoon. About seven I started to unpack my overnight bag and I yelled up to Garth - OMG   IT'S BACK!! There it was all tucked in to the bottom of the bag. We opened up a bottle of champagne and have been celebrating it's return all evening! I even called the Punta Gorda Herald Tribune but they hung up on me??

So, now everyone is up to date on the Little Watering cans adventure. I do not know how long we will have it with us ........

These last two weeks have just flown by and here are a few snaps of what we have been up to:

Christmas Eve we met Stan and Barbara from "Grogger" at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda for cocktails & dinner. Stans shirt says "does this shirt make me look fat?" They were off the next day to Sanibel Island.

Christmas Eve with Stan & Barbara 

Santa managed to find us once again and fill our stockings with all kinds of wonderful necessities. Garth cooked a small turkey and in the afternoon we drove down to Bonita Springs Dog Beach. Zeke had a great time playing in the Gulf.
Decorating in a small space is a challenge. 

Conch Trumpeting: Garth in Burnt Store and Dan in the Exumas - living a parallel life!

It was very cool, Garth was blowing his conch and somewhere within ear shot he was being answered by another conch trumpeter. I read Quest's blog today and there was a picture of Dan -  Conch Trumpeting in the Bahamas at the same time Garth was blowing his conch here!
New Years Day at Doug & Judys

We spent New Years Eve with the crew above - from the left you have Sid & Evelyn, Cupcake & Doug, Carrie & Frank, Garth and Zeke.

A big thanks to Judy & Doug for opening their lovely home for us and another big thanks to Frank and Carrie for  preparing a delicious feast .  Do you share recipes Frank? 
I had picked up a beautiful red velvet cake for dessert and just as we were approaching Port Charlotte Garth had to put the brakes on and Zeke flew off the seat and landed right on the cake. He was in no hurry to get up - I had to take off my seat belt and coax him off the cake. Luckily it was well wrapped so with a little knife action it looked as good as new - well after a bottle of red wine that is.