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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting ready to leave Dodge!!

 Docked at:  Burnt Store Marina, Punta Gorda

A long time ago I wrote that sometimes you are the show and sometimes you are the audience. Well, today we watched a little show. These three older gentlemen came into the marina , went past the fuel dock, past the pump out and right down to the end of the basin. They turned around and left the marina. We thought it was a little strange that such a big boat would just come in for a look see.  Then about fifteen minutes later back they came, pulled up to the fuel dock, filled up and left the marina,  again.  It wouldn't have been that funny except for the name of the boat.  Check it out!


Leaving the marina - THE SECOND TIME!!

I think they forgot why they came in the first time?

Well, it is time to move on down the blue water highway, where does the time go - we are slowly getting ready to leave Burnt Store Marina. We have done some rearranging on the boat, stowing "stuff" below and trying to make better use of space. We did some "spring" cleaning and we even moved the boat. We had the flybridge GPS looked at again and it seems this time the issue has been solved. We just took a spin out into Charlotte Harbour and everything seems to be working fine upstairs. When we came back to the marina we topped up with fuel and got a pump out. We moved the boat closer to the office/restaurant for a change of scenery, to load 30 gallons of oil on for the next two oil changes and to take advantage of the free wifi.

On Saturday we drove up to Sarasota and had lunch with Bob and Jane from "Lady Jane". It was great to see them again as we had not seen them since Cape May, New Jersey. Bob & Jane are an inspiration to all - instead of sitting back and watching time go by they are seizing every opportunity to learn and explore. They have travelled the world and this last year they did the Loop!  When they arrived back in Sarasota their Yacht Club had a big surprise party for them and now three people from their club are going to try the Loop. What's next you two?  I know we will see them again - maybe the Keys this winter or the Bahamas next winter!!!

 Bob & Jane in their hot little car!!

While in Sarasota we got a call from Frank & Carrie on "Once Around" , they were in Fort Myers at the Marriott Resort,Spa & Marina. They had reservations at  Sanibel Marina but because of the weather nobody left - meaning nobody could come in and the dockmaster called Frank to say "we have no room at the inn" for you! He did suggest the Marriott to them which was nice of him but ..... so we drove there picked them up and we all went to Gramma Dots on Sanibel for dinner. it was great to see everyone today!

We have been trying to take advantage of having a car and doing a little bit of provisioning for the Keys and the Bahamas. Zeke is scheduled into the groomers for Tuesday at 8 am and we return the car Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning weather permitting we make a break from Burnt Store and are heading to Marco Island.

This is 9.57!!

ZEKE UPDATE:  Blastomycosis Quantitative Antigen EIA Report

On a scale of 0 -14.7 Zekes results came in this week at 9.57. Considering that just two months ago his numbers came back " above the limit of quantification" we are very pleased.  He has gone from a Positive, High to a Positive, Moderate.  It will take several months to get to a zero and even then he has to continue with the medication but for now we are just happy to be on the scale. We can see the clinical improvement daily, he is almost back to being a complete PIA, barking orders at us and running the show!  We've created a monster.

Next post - Marco Island!