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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the Move to Marathon

Time travelled:     8 hours
 Nautical miles:     75 nm
 Docked at:         Esplanade Marina, Marco Island

Sunrise at Burnt Store

We pretty much had the Gulf of Mexico all to ourselves today!  Smooth seas, a nice breeze and a great looking captain who could ask for anything more.

 Well, I could and would like to ask for some dolphins ...where were they today? A day without dolphins is like a day without sunshine. We saw them off in the distance but they never came to swim along with us. Hopefully tomorrow will be a dolphin day!

We did certainly see our fair share of crab pots today - they where everywhere. Luckily we managed to dodge them all. Sometimes they are in a line and you can follow that line but then sometimes there is no pattern and they are scattered as if the fisherman just threw them overboard. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they come in colors that blend in with the water or sunshine.  Why are they not bright pink or neon green?

Crab pot -easy to see

Crab pot - hard to see especially in bright sunlight

We arrived at Marco Island about three and came through a beautiful canal  lined with stunning homes and mangroves. The water was a little skinny at points but slow and steady got us in here. The dock master greeted us and Garth backed the boat into place.  A rather tight place in my opinion !  Carrie & Frank came by in their dingy and joined us for cocktails.  The four of us went to Mangos for dinner. They had a large selection of all kinds of tasty things on the menu but the lunch menu had this and we just had to get it.

Zeke ordered and devoured the chicken!