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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pictures from the past few weeks, relaxing in Bimini

Jeans Sandcastle in Little Bay.

The beaners guide, you can see that we think we have everything except the black one and the red one on the bottom row. In reality, the only one we  probably have from that row is the yellow nickerbean.

Zeke relaxing on the way to Bimini, keeping one eye on Garths piloting 
We left Nassau around 9 am Sunday and stopped in the middle of the Mackie Shoal about 7pm. It was a little weird because there was no one else around,just miles and miles of beautiful blue water. Usually when we are at anchor we pick a land mark as a reference point, that was the weird thing not being able to see land anywhere. We were in bed at 8:30 and had a great sleep. Pulled up anchor around 8:45 and arrived at Browns Marina in Bimini shortly after 1. We went for a trunk lunch then a walk about.  Our original plan of leaving here tomorrow has changed thanks to Mother Nature, she has made Wednesday the better day.

Who has more fun on the beach than a Portuguese Water Dog!

Junkanoo's catch for the afternoon!! 

Dan and Judy in the Steventon Jail

AHH - the grey nickerbean caper, note the glove!
All the locals coming to see what these crazy tourists were after.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Three Sisters Beach, Great Exuma

Nassau, Harbour -cruise ships

Atlantis,  pretty impressive site

Boardwalk., every yacht needs a helicopter on the fly bridge don't you think?

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Just chillin on the corner!

This yacht was anchored near us at Hawksbill and we never could figure out what the thing on the front is?

Next and last blog for this year will be from Florida!