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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Well, its seems like a long time since I have been back here to update the blog! Stacy left, then Dan and Judy left with their company and the three of us were all alone.  We spent the first week touring around in the dingy. We went over to Lee Stocking Island just about every day. We did not do much, but we did walk over to the ocean side to search the beach for treasures. One day Garth found SEVEN hamburger beans!! That is amazing! We listened in on the planning meeting for the regatta and almost volunteered for the scavenger hunt but then thought better of having an agenda or having a commitment. Last week the winds picked up which meant that if we had to go anywhere in the dingy we would have gotten soaked and it would not have been a pleasant ride, so we rented a car. We went to a different part of the island, a different beach and a different restaurant every day.  Garth found seventeen - yes, 17 beans in one day!!! We had a very pleasant time and shared the last few days with Roger and Anna aboard Free & Br Easy!

The boys relaxing on the beach!

So many beaches, so little time!

View from the Exuma Yacht Club bar.

Sunrise ..yes do see it occasionally.

Thanks to Garth our bean collection is growing 
The beaches here are amazing and empty. I do not think we saw another person the whole week.

However, walking the beaches does have its drawbacks, both Garth and Zeke got sticky burrs stuck in their paws....soles!  Both had to soak in epsom salts and both were attended to by Nurse Crachit, I mean Florence Nightingale.

Zeke's now wearing socks to keep the medicine on. Garth is doing well at keeping his bandages on!
We had thought we would leave here this Saturday and take our time getting back to Florida. However, the marina is out of diesel for starters and the wind is supposed to really pick up Saturday night into Monday! So, we may still be a fixture at the dock come Saturday morning.

Garth and Dan went out fishing this morning and we are waiting to see what they haul back in!! Will definitely take some pics if they catch anything!